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Atlanta GA Wedding Photography | Byron and Shanae

August 19, 2015  •  2 Comments

When I got the call about photographing their wedding, I must say that I was secretly overjoyed.  The Groom is a very good friend of my son, and his whole family has essentially become a part of our family.  While I had not met the Bride, I was so happy for her because I knew the kind of man the Groom was. So photographing the wedding essentially meant that I would be getting paid to attend the wedding that I would have attended anyway.  More importantly, it meant that I was solely responsible for how they would remember their wedding day for years to come; I was responsible for telling their wedding story.  How I loved that challenge! Here are some of the images from their outdoor wedding. 

Renfro- Scott Getting ready sm-031Renfro- Scott Getting ready sm-031

the Dress and wedding details

Renfro- Scott Getting ready sm-049Renfro- Scott Getting ready sm-049 Renfro- Scott Getting ready sm-075Renfro- Scott Getting ready sm-075 Renfro- Scott Getting ready sm-085Renfro- Scott Getting ready sm-085 Renfro- Scott Getting ready sm-088Renfro- Scott Getting ready sm-088 Renfro- Scott Getting ready sm-100Renfro- Scott Getting ready sm-100

Getting Ready

Renfro- Scott Getting ready sm-117Renfro- Scott Getting ready sm-117 Renfro- Scott Getting ready sm-128Renfro- Scott Getting ready sm-128 Renfro- Scott Getting ready sm-189Renfro- Scott Getting ready sm-189 Renfro- Scott Getting ready sm-368Renfro- Scott Getting ready sm-368 Renfro- Scott Getting ready sm-420Renfro- Scott Getting ready sm-420 Renfro- Scott Getting ready sm-558Renfro- Scott Getting ready sm-558 Renfro- Scott Getting ready sm-565Renfro- Scott Getting ready sm-565

The Prayer


Renfro- Scott Getting ready sm-569Renfro- Scott Getting ready sm-569 Renfro- Scott Getting ready sm-572Renfro- Scott Getting ready sm-572 Renfro- Scott Getting ready sm-573Renfro- Scott Getting ready sm-573 Renfro- Scott Getting ready sm-574Renfro- Scott Getting ready sm-574 Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-2-2Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-2-2 Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-708Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-708

Here comes the bride

Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-715Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-715 Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-721Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-721 Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-759Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-759 Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-763Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-763 Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-803Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-803 Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-810Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-810 Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-854Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-854 Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-893Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-893 Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-894-2Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-894-2 Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-897Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-897 Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-898Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-898

The Kiss

Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-905Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-905 Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-905-2Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-905-2 Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-906Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-906 Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-906-2Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-906-2 Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-908Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-908 Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-921Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-921

Jumping..carefully over the broom

Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-929Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-929 Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-937Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-937 Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-940Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-940 Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-942Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-942 Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-947Renfro- Scott Ceremony sm-947 Renfro- Scott Formals sm-274Renfro- Scott Formals sm-274 Renfro- Scott Formals sm-328Renfro- Scott Formals sm-328 Renfro- Scott Formals sm-445Renfro- Scott Formals sm-445 Renfro- Scott Formals sm-516Renfro- Scott Formals sm-516 Renfro- Scott Formals sm-503Renfro- Scott Formals sm-503 Renfro- Scott Formals sm-534Renfro- Scott Formals sm-534 Renfro- Scott Formals sm-993Renfro- Scott Formals sm-993 Renfro- Scott Formals sm-1002Renfro- Scott Formals sm-1002 Renfro- Scott Formals sm-1003Renfro- Scott Formals sm-1003

The family of the Bride and the Groom

Renfro- Scott Formals sm-1018Renfro- Scott Formals sm-1018 Renfro- Scott Formals sm-1029Renfro- Scott Formals sm-1029 Renfro- Scott Formals sm-1126Renfro- Scott Formals sm-1126 Renfro- Scott Formals sm-1136Renfro- Scott Formals sm-1136 Renfro- Scott Formals sm-1140Renfro- Scott Formals sm-1140 Renfro- Scott Formals sm-1149Renfro- Scott Formals sm-1149

Renfro- Scott Reception sm-2-3Renfro- Scott Reception sm-2-3

The first dance

Renfro- Scott Reception sm-2-4Renfro- Scott Reception sm-2-4 Renfro- Scott Reception sm-2Renfro- Scott Reception sm-2 Renfro- Scott Reception sm-2-2Renfro- Scott Reception sm-2-2

Renfro- Scott Reception sm-3-21Renfro- Scott Reception sm-3-21 Renfro- Scott Reception sm-3-33Renfro- Scott Reception sm-3-33 Renfro- Scott Reception sm-3-35Renfro- Scott Reception sm-3-35 Renfro- Scott Reception sm-3-29Renfro- Scott Reception sm-3-29

Renfro- Scott Reception sm-2-7Renfro- Scott Reception sm-2-7

One of my favorite moments

Renfro- Scott Reception sm-2-16Renfro- Scott Reception sm-2-16 Renfro- Scott Reception sm-2-17Renfro- Scott Reception sm-2-17

Renfro- Scott Reception sm-2-20Renfro- Scott Reception sm-2-20

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