Sherina is a mother, a friend – someone who really wants to get to know you and your family in an intimate way. Shooting in a documentary style, she has been known to capture the authenticity and emotion of the most difficult situations and the shyest of kids with an artistic eye and extreme finesse. It has been said that her images are full of life and full of story, historical almost. Their timeless quality erases everything that has happened between when the image was taken and when a client receives it. Her clients insist that the image transports them right back to the moment, right back to the emotions. Yet they are able to see nuances that were present during the shoot, details they had missed in real life, thoughts on their faces, sensations they experienced, and they are now reassured they are recorded forever. Sherina's images evoke the depths and truth of the moment, not just the surface. Her warm and engaging persona draws her clients to be authentically who they are. She shoots while fading into the background, never making the photo shoot about her, always adjusting for the situation, and directing only when needed. She's simply a story teller for your life...unscripted.

She was recently selected as one of the top10 photographers in a fine art competition. To see it click here

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