SherinaSherina Kight Hill smMeet the Artist, Sherina Kight Hill A beautiful life is a work of art Hi there! 

Thank you so much for your visit! 

I am Sherina Hill, and I am a Photographic Artist, Registered Nurse, Professional Life Coach, and a Teacher.   I am a huge supporter of women, and children alike.   I am a founding board member of the East Alabama Birth Village...currently named Cradled Hearts here in my community.   I also proudly co-lead a support group for grieving Mothers experienced the loss of a child from birth till adulthood.  

My intense love for photography started at a drug store.  There I would stand behind the counter and open my images there on top of the counter.  I could not wait to relive the moments that I had captured. 

Since then,  I have seen many moments that made me catch my breath and some that took my breath away:  

  • Children being brought into the world,
  • Loved one's leaving the world, and of course,
  • I have experienced my own precious moments and heart breaking ones as well.

As a daughter, sister-friend, mom, and wife, and life coach, I know in my heart that no matter what we go through in this life,  beauty still surrounds us.  Because of this beauty, we all have the liberty to take the ashes of what was left and start again at creating something even more beautiful. 

.... there you will find me experiencing it all again....with my senses and my camera.....

because......... a beautiful truly a work of art.